Nepal Earthquake 2015!

We would like to request all well-wishers of Bhusinga and Rawadolu to support victims by providing anything which would help them to survive in this difficult time.

Bank Details:
Himalayan Bank Limited branch office Chabahil, Kathmandu
Account Name: Rawadolu Bhusinga Sarokar Samaj KTM
Accoung Number: 02303049510012
Account Type: current (NPR)
Swift Code: HIMANPKA

“Help one another; there’s no time like the present and no present like the time.”

After devastating earthquake in Bhusinga and Rawadolu 2015!


Kilkording Monastery

The biggest and most popular monastery in this region (Bhusinga, Rawadolu, Kiji Falate, Patale) is now only in the memories of people. The monastery is completely collapsed, 2 elder people were killed in this place who came here to offer pooja for well being.

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Recent news

Donors list updated

Written by: RBSS | August 14, 2015
 Read more

Our Appeal

Written by: RBSS | August 14, 2015
 “Kaptikhola”, a small village (18 houses) situated in Bhusinga Village Development Committee (VDC) is now in very unsafe situation because of getting risk by landslide that may occur anytime during the monsoon season; therefore our first priori Read more

Tarpaulins, Blankets and Jackets Distributed by RBSS

Written by: RBSS | August 14, 2015
Rawadolu-Bhusinga Sarokar Samaj (RBSS) has distributed 1 tarpaulin (high quality tent for roof) and 1 blanket for each household in 2 villages (Rawadolu and Bhusinga) including the total local residents of 800 houses. Each school in both VDC has als Read more

Health Camp

Written by: RBSS | August 13, 2015
Hi everyone, Mission accomplished. Actually, MORE than mission accomplished, at least for the moment. We had originally planned to have 4 doctors at our "health camp". We ended up having 12 doctors!! We had specialists and GPs, a psychologist to hel Read more

Greetings and Felicitations from Nepal!

Written by: RBSS | May 18, 2015
Dear All, Greetings and Felicitations from Nepal! It is now transpired to the entire world that Nepal recently confronted the most devastating earthquake in her history. This unprecedented natural calamity has resulted in human and material casua Read more

List of Donors

Written by: RBSS | May 18, 2015
The list of the donor who contributed to Rawadolu Bhusing Sarokara SAmaj 1: Ang Tenzi Sherpa, President RBSS RS 50,000($500) 2: Dhan Bahadur Basnet, Vice-President RBSS RS 25,000($250) 3: Yoblal BK, General Secretary RBSS RS- 5000($50)  Read more

Houses and schools collapsed!

Written by: RBSS | May 3, 2015
According to the source, 150 houses were fully destroyed in Bhusinga V.D.C where 155 houses are partially damaged. 50 houses were fully destroyed in Rawadolu V.D.C. where 160 houses are partially damaged. 2 schools in Bhusinga and 1 in Rawadolu Read more

2 killed,2 seriously injured

Written by: RBSS | May 3, 2015
2 people have been killed (Pasi Sherpa and Chokpa Sherpa) during the earthquake in Bhusinga at Kingurding gumba and 2 injured people on same place has been rescued and further treatment is going on at Shainik hospital in Kathmandu. The monastery is c Read more

Nepal Earthquake 2015!

Written by: RBSS | May 3, 2015
Nepal earthquake 2015 which killed at least 7000 people and injured more than 15000 as of 2nd April 2015, occurred at 11:56 on 25 April with magnitude of 7.9, its epicenter was in Barpak village, Gurkha district of Nepal. It was the most powerful dis Read more

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